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Mobile App Development

Corporate mobile app on iOS, Android, and Windows 10

Mobile App: Wellsite Inspection
Task: Create a corporate mobile app for documenting wellsite inspection results in *.csv and *.pdf formats. Functionality included preloaded wellsite locations, report GPS tagging, individual user activation, consolidating multiple reports, online and offline data loss prevention modes.

  • UX/UI was designed based on the customer’s requirements and feedback
  • The logo and app identity elements were designed
  • App was created for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 platforms
  • Individual user activation code module was created

Mobile App cost:

  • UX/UI: 30,000 NOK
  • Reporting modules: 100,000 NOK
  • GPS tagging: 10,000 NOK
  • Settings module: 50,000 NOK
  • Generate pdf module: 10,000 NOK
  • Report data validation module: 50,000 NOK
  • Consolidate reports module: 20,000 NOK
  • Sharing: 10,000 NOK
  • Multi-platform testing: 50,000 NOK

Total cost: 330,000 NOK

  • Date

    February 14, 2018

  • Skills

    UI/UX, SQL Server, iOS, Android, Windows 10

  • Client

    Clarity Oil&Gas Solutions Inc.

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