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Website development


What will you get already in two months?

Website that sells!

Website that sells!

We will make a proposal based on the needs, desires, fears of your customers and offers of competitors. The site will answer the client’s question why it is better for him to buy a product or order a service from you.

Will find your clients

Will find your clients

We’ll show your offer to those who are really interested with the help of contextual advertising with Google. Clients will find out about you almost immediately and you will begin to receive applications.

Increased website effectiveness

Increased website effectiveness

One month after the launch of the advertising campaign, we improve its performance indicators and modify the site to increase the number of applications and calls.

Free 12 months technical support

Free 12 months technical support

We take a lot of pride in what we do! So the first year of the site technical maintenance is on us!

Step 1: Market analysis

Prepayment 30% (from 25,000 NOK)

  • We analyze what customers think about before buying, what they are afraid of and what questions they have. The main sources of analysis are forums and social networks.
  • We analyze the experience of customers who have already ordered the service – what they liked, what not. We derive the main customer expectations from the service. The main sources of analysis are reviews, social networks.
  • We analyze competition in a market segment – the main method of analysis is a block of contextual advertising, search engine results.
  • We analyze what competitors offer. We look at how strong players are now on the market. We are looking for their strengths and weaknesses. We determine the main and secondary sources of traffic. The main analysis method is the competitor sites.
  • Segmentation of the target audience grouping all potential customers according to various criteria: needs, gender, age, interests.

Commercial offer: Based on the data received, we form a structure and make an offer for each segment of Target Audience.

The average lead time is 3-5 days.

We will understand how, to whom, when and why we will sell the product and service and, accordingly, how to make your website.

Step 2: Website development

  • We form the site structure
  • Design landing pages
  • We make design and page layout
  • We adapt the site for mobile phones
  • Check the site for errors
  • Connecting Google Analytics
  • Registration in search engines (Google search console, Google business)
  • If necessary, set retargeting codes Facebook, etc.

The average lead time is 5-15 days.

Upon completion of this stage you will have a ready site. We will now have to check how it works.

Step 3: Setting up an online marketing campaign

Prepayment 30% from the remaining amount
+ advertising budget
+ from 2000 NOK. for call tracking to record calls from the site

  • We’s set up ads on Google: on search and on the Display Network (Display Network)
  • We’ll set up retargeting and Google remarketing (advertising for an audience that has already visited your site)
  • Depending on the marketing strategy, we will setup social media ads

Average lead time from 3-10 days.

At the end of this step, you will have customized advertising campaigns in Google. From this moment you will begin to return the invested money.

Step 4: Final polishing and tuning

Final payment of the remaining amount upon completion of this step.

  • Increased visitor engagement with the website content
  • Reducing the number of visitors of the website
  • Testing the sequence of information blocks on the site
  • Header testing
  • Testing application forms (button names, text, location)
  • Analysis of advertising campaign statistics
  • Analysis of the behavior of visitors at the website
  • Reducing the number of site errors
  • A/B testing ads
  • Lowering customer acquisition costs
  • Reducing cost-per-click
  • Increase the number of search phrases and keywords
  • Bid adjustment

Lead time 30 days

You will get the first reports. We will make adjustments to the site and the advertising campaign based on the statistics received.

Total: from 80,000 NOK for 2 months of work

Most likely, you will pay back the investment before we finish the work.


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